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Artist’s Statement

Through the objects I make, I explore the interplay of texture, pattern, and color. The work expresses my need to find surprise in the interaction of repeating elements that intersect with the random or accidental. There is a clash of discipline and spontaneity.

My paintings employ acrylics, watercolor and mixed media on canvas and other surfaces. They begin with texture that maps out composition and structure. After that, anything is fair game—paint, cheesecloth, vintage maps, hot glue, metallics, stamping. I employ techniques such as wet sanding, collage, squeeze bottles, and often a final layer of splattered paint. Accidents are moments to be optimized—or to be left alone.

I make my assemblages mostly of found objects. Close observation will show that the same ideas of texture, pattern and color appear in this work as well. However, different materials inspire different thoughts. Boxes contain symbols. Humble relics become elevated to a higher status. The castoff is redeemed.

Both bodies of work involve the joy of experimentation and the range of human experience. Imperfection is key to the results I aim for; the work of my very human hand is always apparent.

My influences and inspirations include American folk art, the tribal art of America and Africa, and the Abstract Expressionists. Nature’s textures along with the corrosive effect nature has on objects are frequent inspirations as well.

Texture. Pattern. Color. Surprise.

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