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Artist’s Statement:

Several themes are evident in my figurative art. Human relationships. Human emotion. Social issues. Empathy. My symbolic figures allow us to see our neighbors or ourselves in the undefined faces. I look for universality. Skin and hair can be any color that serves the composition and my intent. Color, gesture and body language convey the emotion of the moment, of the life experienced by each subject. These archetypal humans dwell in ambiguous backgrounds where the sense of place only suggests surroundings familiar to all of us. Threading its way in and out of the works is a theme of social awareness. I want these paintings to prompt the telling of narratives and to inspire empathetic conversations. These works are my means of expressing the divinity and diversity of human beings, no matter their circumstances or status.

More About the Artist

Laura Hunt is a contemporary figurative painter practicing fine art in Fort Worth, Texas. Her origins in rural Central Texas along with her work with charitable organizations have shaped how she perceives the lives of everyday people. Combining her love for abstraction with her interest in the human face and figure, Laura’s mixed media paintings reveal an attraction to landscapes and interiors, but most of all, the people who populate them.

Acrylic paint is the artist’s foundational medium, to which she may add patterned paper, marks and scribbles, a scrap of vintage map or corrugated cardboard. For smaller work, she prefers paper, switching to canvas or wood panels for larger pieces. She works from several sources, including live sketching, vintage photographs, and her own photographic library. Always experimenting, she welcomes any new material that raises the work’s tactile impact or emotional presence.

Laura’s artistic inspirations include folk art, tribal art, the Abstract Expressionists, and the figurative work of David Park.

Recent Exhibits

2019-2020. Artist Showcase Gallery, Manhattan Arts International. Ongoing until November 2020.

2019. 3rd Annual Small Works Show, Art Room, on exhibit through January 11, 2020. Learn more here.

2019. Social Landscapes, Oak Cliff Cultural Center, on exhibit through January 4, 2020.

2019. Summer 2019 Artist Showcase, online exhibit juried by Carolyn Edlund, Artsy Shark.

2019. Me, Myself and I, exhibit juried by Robyn Parker Feehan, thegallery8860

2019. 5 BY 9 Online Art Exhibit, (juried) City of North Richland Hills, TX

2019. Art & Words Collaboration and Show, (juried) Fort Worth, TX

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