Welcome to Laura Hunt’s online gallery and her expressions of texture, pattern, color and surprise. The thumbnail images below will take you to larger images and details. If you’d like to make one of these pieces your own, email the artist from the Contact Laura page. The FAQ page outlines the simple purchase process. Staying in touch is easy–just sign up for Laura’s monthly email newsletter.

Large Paintings

Birds on a Wet Lawn

Dove in Mourning

A Penny’s Worth of Sparrows


Garden of Curiosity

18446 Garden of Curiosity. $1480. 48″ x30″ Acrylic on gallery-wrapped canvas. Contact the artist to purchase. Copyright 2018 Laura Hunt

Mid-Size Paintings


17391 Tsunami. $520. 20″ x 20″ acrylic on deep gallery-wrapped canvases. See contextual photo below. Contact the artist to purchase. Copyright 2017 Laura Hunt


Shadow & Light

Cooling Down


Warming Up


18441 Strong. $605. 24″ x 24″ Acrylics on gallery-wrapped canvas. Contact the artist to purchase. Copyright 2018 Laura Hunt

Small Paintings

Hidden J

Hidden Ampersand

Confetti 5: Turquoise

Confetti B: Fire

Confetti 3: Forest

Confetti 5: Ocean

Confetti Q: Tarragon

String Theory K

String Theory A

String Theory S


Quiet Value

Quiet Value tender orbs dangle above shaded earth a flash of worth stored in a fecund pod Copyright 2018 Laura Hunt  

Burst of Bergamot

Burst of Bergamot what order! what life bursts out of dry dead beads to be vulnerable mint in a hostile empire Copyright 2018 Laura Hunt

To Be Continued

To Be Continued ruptured shell volley of seeds insuring the furtherance of two species maybe more hope and doubt cohabit. Copyright 2018 Laura Hunt

Wild Self

Wild Self meet your wild self square it with what you fear/know. recall its smell that day you rolled in grass and scaled trees that may not shade again Copyright 2018 Laura Hunt

Fragile Shade

Fragile Shade awash in a shampoo of shade someplace between sun’s melt and dawn’s early life surge of warm conquers cool Copyright 2018 Laura Hunt

Frail Cosmos

Frail Cosmos marvel at lightening bugs dodging quart jar’s trap wonder and awe frail cosmos innocent hope Copyright 2018 Laura Hunt

Day Trip

On Holiday

Parts Unknown