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Monthly newsletters keep Laura Hunt’s art-loving community informed about her latest work, exhibitions, and studio activity. The links take you directly to Laura’s archive copies. For a timely subscription of your own, sign up at Contact Laura. Below are links to the most recent issues.

April 2020. Gratitude. ArtChat. New Paintings.

March 2020. New Paintings & Save the Date

February 2020. February is for doers.

January 2020. Fleeting Moment and More Hats

December 2019. Party Pix, Creative Giving and Ginsburg’s Message

October 2019. Nostalgic Photos as Art Inspiration

August 2019. Long Shots, New Work, and Five Reasons

July 2019. Events, Exhibits and Ginsburg

June 2019. Recent Work: Telling Women’s Stories

May 2019. Humans Being and Going Dutch

April 2019. New Work: A Peek Behind the Curtains

March 2019. New Work and a Change of Plans

February 2019. Beyond Valentine’s Day

January 2019. Uphill and Red Terrain

Media Mentions

August 2019. Laura Hunt was among the artists chosen to be a part of Artsy Shark’s Summer 2019 Artist Showcase where you can see her work Morning Coffee.

April 2019. See Laura Hunt’s assemblage entitle Embrace, mentioned in Alyson Stansfield’s Art Biz Success newsletter. (You’ll need to scroll down a tad.)

Spring 2017. Dallas Style & Design. On page 204, Jennifer Stufflebeam talks about the artists whose work could be seen in her gallery, Art on the Boulevard.