About the Painting

Art helping humans reclaim serenity


My goal for Reclaimed was to evoke serenity, thus the choice of neutral metallic paints. The shimmery neutrals are very rich with lovely undertones of blue, green, and rust. Neutrals can seem a little boring in theory, but the variety of textures, the shifts of color, and the surprising little iridescent pearls make this quite interesting to look at as it responds to changing light.

Reclaimed has an underlying structure of 16 squares, which supports the solidness and stability of the larger square. But every small square catches the light in its own unique way, with various materials, textures and paints each bringing their own contribution to the quiet ambience of the piece. I imagine it in someone’s office across from the desk, where the human who works there can look at it and reclaim some moments of serenity in the middle of a hectic day.

Reclaimed is painted in mixed media, including acrylics, on deep canvas. For another view of the piece, visit the Middle Works Gallery, scrolling down until you see the image.

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All art is copyrighted and may not be reproduced without permission. Copyright 2016 Laura Hunt