Solitary Moment

20611 Solitary Moment-wp

20611 Solitary Moment. $274. Acrylic and collage on heavy watercolor paper. Image area is 6” w x 17” h with arctic white mat to fit a 24” x 12” frame.  Frame sold separately. NOTE: Although 24 x 12 is a standard frame, it can be difficult to find. It’s recommended that you purchase the frame with the artwork to avoid the inconvenience. ©2020 Laura Hunt.



2 thoughts on “Solitary Moment

  1. Jane Stegall says:

    My first impression was “This is Carol!” Look at her face! So real to her. The bright reds indicate her great joy and laughter. In contrast, I see the whites representing both her deep and creative thoughts and lone, nongregarious moments. The table supports her completely as her relaxed feet indicate and represents her firm faith. they are not “planted” to the floor, but are ready for moving towards whatever necessary or desirous is next. Even her clothes show me the sweet simplicity of her life. For now, though, she is deep within.


  2. Jane, I love how deeply you look at the art. Although Carol wasn’t the model for this work, she has sat for some other paintings I’ve done. I can see how you arrived at your wonderful interpretation. Thank you for commenting. It’s so fulfilling to see people enjoy my art.


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