About the Painting

Strength with sweetness


I wanted to create a painting with a sweep of color in the composition, something that might invoke a wave, or a transition from something powerful to something  still strong, but different in character. I began by laying down texture and covering it with strands of blue, various shades on top of one another. As the piece evolved, it became clear that there would be a field of pearlescence, the top right section in the view above. (Oenomel can be hung effectively either horizontally or vertically.)


I began to add some warmth by overlapping reds, pinks, yellows, oranges, yellow–candy colors, I thought. I unified things by laying down the cool ocean colors alongside the candy colors. Some pearly gems appeared, like pops of jewelry. I built layer upon layer, finalizing the painting with splashes and splatters of contrasting colors–white, dark and medium blues, and whatever felt right at the time.


The hardest part of creating this piece came in naming it. (Can’t seem to go with “Untitled.”) As I often do, I search my “Word of the Day” app, and stumbled across the word “oenomel,” which means “strength with sweetness,” like wine with honey. Perfect! Done!

Oenomel is a large painting, acrylics/mixed media on 20″ x 60″ gallery-wrapped canvas. As mentioned above, it can be installed vertically or horizontally, according to your preference. To see it both ways in context, click here and scroll down a bit in the Large Paintings section. Learn how to purchase this or any painting of your choice on the FAQ page.

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All art is copyrighted and may not be reproduced without permission. Copyright 2016 Laura Hunt



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