New Art

My obsession with hearts

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Okay, I’ll ‘fess up. I’m a wee bit obsessed with hearts. That shape with the two roundy hills and that one sweet little point. It never gets old to me. And it doesn’t hurt that hearts instantly bring to mind love-ly thoughts. Ahhh!

So Valentine’s Day gives me this crazy opportunity to make lots of hearts. I’ve created several “wall valentines,” just right for the love of your life. I also went into printmaking mode to create two Valentine card designs. The cover has rounded corners with a slender ribbon dangling from the top right. Three hearts embellish the inside, leaving plenty of room for your own heartfelt message. Even the envelope has a heart printed on the flap.

Visit the Valentine Collection of SeptemberArtStudio on Etsy, and take a closer look. I think you’ll agree with me that handmade is a whole lot sweeter than that last minute box of chocolates at the drug store. Happy Valentine’s Day!


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