New Art

Sharing my process

I recently picked up an old book in my library with a number images of Native American art. They were used to decorate the common objects of everyday life: bowls, clothing, blankets, etc., as well as ceremonial items. The delightful blend of primitive and sophistication inspired me to attempt my own versions.

I cut my blocks into three-inch squares with a plan to produce a signed and numbered limited edition of black and white prints. Here are four carvings. I first experimented with drawing the images in my sketchbook, determining how much detail would be “carveable.” When I was relatively satisfied with that, I drew in pencil directly onto my block, then used ink to fine-tune the design again, and make the lines less smudgy. Using a #1 carving tool, I cut away until I was happy with the image in relief. When printed, the images will be reversed. Just thought I’d share the process with you.


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