New Art

Handmade note cards make a personal statement

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Hi, thanks for stopping by. As you can see, I’ve been in a printmaking frame of mind lately. It’s been fun coming up with ideas for images that would delight you and the people on your gift list. When was the last time you pinned an email note to your bulletin board? Right! It doesn’t happen, does it? I love email, but there are times when it just isn’t special enough. I designed these note cards so you could connect with the people in your life in a more personal way. What could be better than a handwritten note on a hand-crafted note card! These also make inexpensive art gifts; put them in a frame, and you have a delightful image to hang on the wall. Consider these as gifts for loved ones, co-workers, friends–anyone who appreciates the handmade touch! They are available for purchase at SeptemberArtStudio, my shop on Etsy.


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