Good Times on the Front Porch

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The very first Front Porch Art & Music event is behind us, but the delicious memory of the day lingers on! Once the overcast burned away and the sun came out about 11:00, the people came out as well. I was happy to have Suzie Salazar join us with her very artistic metalwork and glass jewelry. Carol led some bursts of joy with her circle dances and drumming, while Suzie and I chatted with visitors. Joe was our technology guy and Kathy was our one-woman support team, signing people in and keeping beverages replenished. Connections were made, special orders were requested, and sales happened. Yes, a good time was had by all.

If you want to be on the email list announcing new work and upcoming events, let me know in an email. You can also be among the first to see new work by liking SeptemberArt’s Facebook page.


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